enologo puglia bari


Nicola Toto is a wine consultant who works in Bari in Puglia and Basilicata

The continuous experimentation, the research and the studies aim at obtaining an excellent wine, in accordance with the market requests. The oenologist profession has, consequently, a primary importance in such a context, and the oenologist Nicola Toto from Bari is perfectly able to satisfy the requests aiming at obtaining quality products through specific procedures, highly professional and creative.  

The charming activity of the oenologist consists in planning and following the wine production in its whole itinerary, starting from the grape until the marketing of the finished product. The oenologist must chose, taste, control and decide the phase of the grape-harvest, the phase of production and the aging process of the wine: he concretely follows the whole itinerary/process of the product, even before the grape blooming/blossoming.