enologo puglia bari


Consultant Winemaker Bari Apulia


As I am since always used to live and to hear the rural world in its fullness, I think that the grape can express its deepest wish: that is to say to let us appreciate its own fruits. The task of a good oenologist is that of trying to make this purpose easy through all his efforts and knowledge, to produce a possibly wholesome and nicer grape, in order to make a good wine ... or perhaps a great wine!

Every grape should be made wine on the basis of its peculiar characteristics and of its climatic ecosystem surrounding it, without interfering with the heavy hand of the human being.

I think that the oenologist must not prevail on the firm style: he should on the contrary be the catalyst able to exalt/enhance the potentialities of the soil, of the climate, of the grape and of the same firm.
Wine is not only chemistry and science and you must play on the thin/fine balance among the different potential factors in order to reach a wine, having a unique identity. This is the only way that the wine can reflect/reproduce its true territorial identity, enhancing its elegance, its aromatic peculiarity and its awareness.