enologo puglia bari


Nicola Toto is a Wine Consultant


I was born and I have been growing up in the heart of Puglia, at a few kilometres from the area of “Castel del Monte”, in a family that has been since always working in the agricultural/farming and wine sector. Since I was a child, thanks to the important presence of my grandfather Nicola, to his example and to his work devotion, I have had a very strong relationship with the rural world, and this has been an important part of my daily life.

After achieving the diploma/certificate as accountant, I have started my vocational training and I got my degree in Wine growing and Oenology by the University of Foggia. Thanks to a strong passion for this sector and motivated by a growing and growing will of knowing, I got some improvement courses, among which a course on the clearing techniques and sensorial analysis by the Faculty of Oenology of Bordeaux. My personal curiosity for the wine-making of the sweet wines brought me to attend courses on the drying/withering process of quality grapes in Orvieto and Pantelleria through the University of Tuscia.

The strong will of a professional growth and to discover any sphere of this sector persuaded me to play different roles in the oenological sector, working as oenology products agent and as trade agent for different Italian wine firms, attending, like this, marketing courses for small and middle/medium firms, until taking part to the Tasting Commission/Board of the Chamber of Commerce of Bari and to the Appeal Commission of this one.

My working itinerary started in an important Apulian wine firm, the “Rivera S.P.A.”, in which I have been able to learn the dynamics of a big firm. And all this without forgetting the small family reality, that allowed me since always to experiment and to produce new ideas. I have been able to know, this way, the microscopic and macroscopic aspects belonging to small and big business realities, without renouncing to test the new notions/ideas acquired trough the direct experience and the many courses I have attended. Thanks to the comparison with various wine activities, I went in fact to New Zealand for a grape-harvest, then to Germany like agent, and I also visited further Italian wine activities.

In my family firm, instead, I have been working with strong passion for the wine-making of sweet wines and we all received prestigious prizes for two consecutive years by oenology advertising contests. At the moment I manage my oenology laboratory, I carry out different consultancies in Apulia and Basilicata and I always keep myself up-to-date with reading magazines and travelling around Italy.