enologo puglia bari


Wine Analysis, Consulting in Oenology and Viticulture


  • Planning of processing ¬†systems/implantations;
  • Guide to choice/selection of Oenology equipments/machineries;
  • Personalized/customized wine-making protocols/procedures;
  • Strategies for the wine-refinement;
  • Wine assembly;
  • Preparation to bottling;
  • Evaluation of suitability of cork lots/batches;
  • Analytic assistance during all the critical points of the processing;
  • Fulfilment of sensorial profiles;
  • Analytic and sensorial comparison of the competitor wines;
  • Experimental micro wine-making;
  • Protocols/procedures for natural fermentations without the use of selected yeasts;
  • Protocols/procedures for fermentations with low doses of sulphurous.


  • Fulfilment of geological agriculture profiles;
  • Evaluation of the potential vineyard firm;
  • Planning of vineyard systems/implantations;
  • Study programme for the fight of the plant diseases;
  • Study of the interaction between soil and vine variety;
  • Management of the foliage/crown;
  • Process of ripening (polyphenol ripening);
  • Preparation/planning of the winter pruning;
  • Tasting of the ACINI to decide the right harvesting period (on the basis of the oenology aim).


  • Assistance service for firms to reach the sanitary suitability;
  • Compilation of wine-making and bottling registers;
  • Assistance service for procedures of business start-up by jurisdiction Chamber Offices;
  • Organization/planning of willpower planes.